Frequently Asked Questions.

Dev Language Consultancy Services was established in 2014 and functioning in the field of Language Translation, Transcription, Training & Publishing.

Do you use any machine translation software for translating the text?

No. We do not use machine translation software at all. Try yourself feeding in a few sentences into the many translation software packages available on the internet, go back and forth into the languages and see the result. It will create a mess of the target language.

Presently we don’t recommend machine translation at all, as the machine is not at all capable of replacing human understanding and analytical power.

It is seen that even with the most powerful translation programs, many of the specialized terms are not at all translated, the word order is often wrong, and the language is at best deviating from the original one and sometimes even become very comic. However, when it appropriately matches your need, you should go for machine translation and that too with editing by a human translator in the subsequent step.

How do you charge for your work?

We charge on the basis of target language count in Indian standard. After creating the documents, computer itself shows the number of words. We take count of the words for billing. However, in certain cases where columns etc. are to be drawn, we charge per page or a flat rate.

The fee is also based upon language combination(s), type of text, type of document, volume of work and other factors.

We believe in competitive Prices. We always believe that our customer should come back to us for the value for money and quality they get from us. We also believe in long-term relations and win-win associations with our clients. We ensure value for money without any compromise on quality.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. There will be no alterations in the price quoted so long as you don’t make any change in the source material.

How will you deliver the material?

The material can be delivered in the following method.

1. Digital form by mail attachment

2. As PDF document

3. As Word document

4. As Excel spread sheets

5. As Power point slides

6. Printed hard copy by courier

7. in CDs or in Pen drive by courier.

How can we forward the source material?

Source material may be forwarded to us in word documents, PDF documents etc. by mail or by courier (printed hard copy, CDs or pen drive etc.)

What about the time limit for delivery?

Before forwarding the source material, the matter can be discussed with our representative about the time limit. We ensure that the job will be undertaken on priority basis, keeping a practical approach.

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